Branding Solutions Branding Solutions offer the perfect infrastructure for digital brand communication. With high quality target groups and an immense reach, the potential offered is on a par with classic TV and print media, and the success of advertising campaigns can be quantified. Based on Predictive Behavioural Targeting technology, advertisers using can anchor their brand messaging – and particularly those for FMCG brands – in the minds and memories of educated consumers. Specific strategies optimise the three main benchmarks for brands – brand awareness, brand affinity and purchase intention. We supply detailed analysis and reports regarding insights into target groups and campaigns that you will need for your advertising campaigns. 

With Brand Audience Targeting we initially determine the typical profiles of brand websites’ visitors. This insight is then used on external websites, to display online ads to those people who most closely resemble the typical visitors to the brand website.

Based on predictive behavioural targeting market research methods, Branding Solutionsmeasure the ‘mental click’. Using brand-specific questionnaires, the branding optimiser analyses the statistical profile of users who are empathetic to the brand or display inclination to buy. The relevant aspects of the three benchmarks for brands – awareness, affinity and purchase intention – can then be optimised selectively. 

With the aid of our Brand Engagement Measurement, contact class optimisation calculates the optimum number of advertisement views, and thus significantly increases the proportion of users within the perfect contact corridor. Hence our Branding Solutions provide the optimum foundation for efficient and enduring brand advertising.