Managing a casino is a tough job. This responsibility goes beyond just ensuring all gambling rules are followed, but also includes watching thousands of patrons to make sure they’re in line with the industry’s regulations at all times. Casinos are always at the risk of making mistakes that end up losing them thousands, which is why it’s so important to provide world-class customer service in such a competitive industry. Well-run casinos need to proactively address these challenges and invest in new technologies to stay ahead of the curve. One example is:

Challenge 1

Knowing the Bad Actors 

Keeping card counting, cheating, and hacking under control is difficult enough. Identifying the people who attempt or succeed in attacking your casinos is vital to preventing these sorts of occurrences from happening. A card counter can have huge implications for a casino. They can cost the casino tens of thousands of dollars, so it’s crucial they are identified in order to stop potential harm.

Challenge 2

Establishing communication channels across security teams is essential to make sure everyone is on the same page.

In a world where time is of the essence, direct information sharing from surveillance to security can often lead to extraordinary losses for a casino. The surveillance team is in the control room, responsible for identifying threats before they occur. They do so by identifying every person that enters the facility across all cameras, but finding every threat can be difficult. To clarify, the need for over communication is a constant and leads to security procedures that take lots of time or don’t work.

Challenge 3

In order to protect sensitive areas from unauthorized individuals, our guards are trained at the academy as well as on-site.

There may be certain areas in your casino that are sensitive and need to be restricted. Some of these areas include the bank vault, the control room, or any other area. Security must be alerted right away if a non-authorized individual enters or attempts to enter these areas.

Challenge 4

A self-excluded person is someone who requests to be excluded from a casino for reasons related to their personal welfare.

We know that local laws can vary, but we think that letting self-excluders gamble in your casino is a big risk. The extra cost & liabilities could come at the detriment of your casino’s success.

Challenge 5

Eliminating Violence, Loitering & Solicitation

Local offenders are nothing new for casinos, yet their continued presence puts a tremendous amount of pressure on security who are tasked with ensuring guests feel safe & protected. While this is a tough balancing act, they’re generally successful.

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